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Easter Decor Prep

While Easter decorating is a big deal in other countries, it doesn’t seem to have taken off quite as much here in Oz. That may be in part due to discerning Aussie consumers, wary of anything overly commercial. Or perhaps it’s similar to Halloween celebrations that have only amped up in recent years – we may just need a bit more time to get into the spirit.

I, however love anything to do with decorating and will find any excuse to include a theme in my daily.

I particularly enjoy decorating our home at Easter for several reasons. Firstly, it signals an opportunity to celebrate a sacred day with family and friends. Secondly, everything Easter is pastel and super girly which is a bit of an indulgence for a mum of boys. And thirdly, in comparison to the mammoth task of Christmas decorating Easter is the less time intensive holiday. By March I may still be recovering from all the energy it took to dismantle everything Christmas-related but just enough time has passed that I’m up for a comparatively low-key decorating project.

When it comes to decorations I tend to buy only what I absolutely love and can’t bear to be without. I try not to get caught up in the hype of all that is new and before shopping I check what I already have from previous years in a bid to remind myself to stay calm. And because I only buy what I love, I typically get excited to see all the treasures I’ve already collected and don’t feel the need to go crazy when the new stock comes out.

Tip: the $2 stores tend to have a lot of holiday decorations for Easter, Christmas etc. Try not to get carried away at these places. Just because it says “Easter” and it’s cheap doesn’t make it a good buy 😉

Below are some pics of what I’ve done so far and deets for where to buy.

Happy hunting!


Wreath, bunting & faux easter eggs: Bed, Bath N Table

Tea-set: Wedgewood

Wooden Pedestal / Cheeseboard: Pottery Barn

Pastel (and edible) Easter eggs: Coles

4 thoughts on “Easter Decor Prep

  1. It’s the little simple pieces that make your Easter presentations so pretty. I think it’s so important for our children to see us celebrate and mark these special occasions in our home. The creation of childhood memories…🐣🐣

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