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Putting the Yum in Lunchbox

There’s something about Yumboxes. The designers of this dinner plate alternative definitely know what they’re doing. Modelled on the traditional Japanese bento box, these beautifully bright delights have become a staple of dinnertime at our house.

We were first gifted one by my sis-in-law and it was love at first sight. For some reason whatever I put in a Yumbox gets demolished. I can put the exact same items on a plate and not nearly as much will be touched.

I’ve tried a cheaper alternative and it’s as though my boys knew it was a knock-off. They didn’t eat as much and their interest waned after only a minute or so. I’m the type of shopper that doesn’t like to waste much time or money looking and trying things that may not satisfy what I need when I know there is something that will. So, after this experience with the cheaper alternative I decided to cut my losses and get what’s proven to work for us. As the saying goes – buy quality/buy once.

The boys have one each now in a colour that is distinctively their own. They enjoy the cute little graphics that come to life once they’ve eaten each section which keeps them engaged for longer. I’ve seen plenty of mums get really creative with how they present their Yumboxes and maybe I’ll do something special one day but for now my tribe is happy with the basics. And after several months the boys still view getting their meal served in a Yumbox as a special treat.

They’re environmentally-friendly, kid-friendly and a big help for mum. The kids have definitely tried and proven that these little gems are spill-proof too. At an RRP of $39.95, the Yumbox is pretty pricey however if you have a fussy eater or just want to add something a little different to mealtime this has been a simple yet effective element that we all love.

More info can be found below 🙂


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