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Beauty & the Beast – a Sofitale

We had the most magical stay at Sofitel’s Beauty & the Beast experience. I have always been obsessed with the movie and lucky for me, Christian loves it too. It’s probably the only movie that we can both watch over and over and neither of us seems to tire of.

Our stay began with a special high tea. Little man loves his peppermint tea but he’s never had it from fine china and he didn’t even seem to mind that it was pink! We checked into our room shortly after and Christian’s face was alight with wonder when he spotted the Enchanted Rose in our room. We all watched that rose light and sing too many times to count and I’m still contemplating about whether to source one for our home because it really brought so much joy to all of us.


Dinner was served to our Princes with nothing less than silver service (even if most of it was just chips) and after dinner we spent quality time in Belle’s library.

Be our guest….

Christian absolutely loved the library experience. The space was decorated with dress ups and several versions of the famous story. Christian and I read and read and read and it was by far the most special moment for me. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have dreamed of reading to my babies so this was a moment I will cherish forever.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have such a magical time with our boys and highly recommend the experience to any and all Disney fans.

We read over and over…
and over 🙂
The most magical part of our stay.



3 thoughts on “Beauty & the Beast – a Sofitale

  1. Life is made of special moments like these. My Grandmother passed on to me the love of reading ….. and I so glad I passed it on to you ….. and even happier to see you “paying it forward” to your boys.

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