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3 Tips for Staying Happy as a Mum

“It’s easier to be dark than it is to be light.” It takes some effort but we can all work on improving our own happiness.

Kids test our patience, everyone’s an expert and sometimes the requests for a myriad of tasks that “can only be completed by mum” are endless. The good news is that certain days might be really difficult but training ourselves to be happier and using positivity techniques to adjust our mindsets can make a big difference to a tough day. Below are some of the tactics I find useful for staying happy:

1. Take Comments and Advice with a Grain of Salt

People have a lot of advice to give mums and sometimes it’s great and other times it isn’t. Either way, trust your judgment and try not to get caught up in what others say. Trust yourself and that your choices are what’s best for you and your family.

People often speak from their own personal experiences and just because it was right for them doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you find people are telling you things that don’t sit right with you, avoid dwelling and let it go.

2. Move Forward from Tough Moments Quickly 

Try not to hang onto the thing your child did that you didn’t like and as soon as they do something that pleases you heap praise on them. Give them a big squeezy hug and hold onto the good that just happened. It’ll make everyone feel happier.

3. Act the Way you Want to Feel

If you want to be a happier person – act happier. Consider the language you use and make a choice to speak more positively. Laugh more. Dance. Be silly. It’s contagious. If you make happiness a habit and consciously behave in a positive way you will invite more  of the same into your life.

Sometimes these things are easier said than done but it can’t hurt to try. Even just the attempt to take simple steps to keep yourself happy will very likely result is more actual happiness.


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