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I Miss Lightning McQueen

img_4112-1.jpgToday marks one week since we went to the toy store and Christian chose a Transformer over McQueen.

I prayed for the day that he didn’t choose yet another McQueen as a prize. I anticipated that day with the excitement of my 3 year old self waiting for a rainbow haired My Little Pony on Christmas morning.

Christian has been beyond obsessed with McQueen for the past 2 years. It’s been 2 years of perusing toy stores to look at the same rotation of 10ish McQueen cars.

I looked forward to the day that I didn’t have to feign excitement at seeing that same car yet again except last week I found myself replacing faux excitement with genuine thrill as we walked into the launch of an entirely new range of McQueens in all their pre-movie release glory.

“Quick, Christian!!!!! Come look at the new McQueens!!! Which one are we going to take home?!!!!!” He vaguely looked in the direction of my excitement, turned his back and assessed an Optimus Prime. I was unexpectedly shattered. What I imagined would be an exhilarating thrill (the kind that comes from being released from the vortex of a red, smiley racing car in various forms) didn’t happen.

I should be excited that he’s interested in more complex interactions. That he’s progressing to that next stage of boyhood. I thought I would be. I’d been telling friends that I couldn’t wait for the day that he’s into lego and other activities that require more than pure imagination. But now that I sense that he’s interested in ghoulish robots and crossing over to the dark side I just want to pull him back into Disneyland.

A land where I don’t have to worry about the scary face of a Robot in Disguise giving him nightmares. Where there aren’t any super villains that need to be taken down by guys in capes or turtles that live in sewers. Cause once he’s there, fully entrenched in goblins and ghouls I know there’s no going back to the happy-go-lucky race car with stars in his eyes.

Give me McQueen any day.

I’ve been assured that his love will be renewed with the new Cars 3 movie release and I’m praying hard that I get to race around that same race track with him in post movie-hype excitement for just a little longer.

Long live Lightning Mcqueen ✌️

Christian_Invitation (1)

Above are pics from Christian’s Cars themed 3rd birthday party which I was expecting to have to replicate for his 4th but it looks like that isn’t gonna happen now (possibly a mummy rookie mistake!)

Desserts: Dom’s Strawberries Delight

Catering: Tayta’s Lebanese Catering

Balloons: Celebrating

Car hire: Pit Stop Parties

Invitations: Paragon DS

One thought on “I Miss Lightning McQueen

  1. He will always love McQueen. It’s just that he now loves Transformers too! Hoping to find a McQueen Transformer at the Disney Store. That will blow his mind – the best of both worlds!

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