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My Little Fruitees – how I get the kids to eat more fruit


I’ve been giving my LOs smoothies since they started eating food. They’re favourite recipe is very simple and is as follows:

Strawberry Yoghurt
LSA mix

They also like mango yoghurt with berries or apple and banana. I always include LSA mix (linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds) in the mixes because they can’t taste it and it’s super healthy for them. You can find LSA in most grocery stores in either the health food or cereal aisle. Also, I don’t add water but other kiddies may prefer the recipe with a bit of water or ice.

Make Your Own Ice Cream or Sorbet

I use the smoothie recipe to make ice cream so it isn’t really ice cream but I present it that way. My personal favourite for ice creams are Lickety Sips (pictured). I used to have these when I was growing up so there’s a bit of nostalgia attached and the kids also loooove them. They get super excited when they see me pull them out of the freezer and Christian enjoys selecting which colour sipper he’ll have. Spoiler Alert – it’s always blue 😉

They’re great for little ones also because of their clever ‘sip’ feature. As the ice cream melts its caught in the sipper so the kiddies can drink it up through the built-in straw.

In the hotter weather I’ll make sorbet but give it sparingly because of the sugar content.

Your can buy Lickety Sips from Big W. See link here.

Put it In-front of Them

My kids have fruit included in pretty much every breakfast and every lunch. I don’t put pressure on them to eat it so I usually start out with a small portion of a couple of different things i.e. apple slices and strawberries and if they want more they get it. Even fruits that they don’t love are included for variety and I figure they might try it again and decide they like it. But like I said, I never put pressure on them to finish everything. I’m happy if they have a little of something and this seems to work for us because they often devour fruit like hungry little maniacs!


4 thoughts on “My Little Fruitees – how I get the kids to eat more fruit

  1. Both your boys are eating machines! And they do love their fruit. Christian can eat a punnet of strawberries in one sitting!

  2. My sister also started making my nephew smoothies and icecreams when he started eating. He loves everything banana.

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