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Dummies Be Gone!

Both my boys have loved their dummies and had them since birth. I wasn’t considering getting rid of Christian’s until he was about 18 months old and a visit to the dr convinced me it was time. I used a very simple technique to remove the dummies for both boys and it worked first time 😊 Our family doc is amazing and he was instrumental in making sure the dummies were gone as painlessly as possible. 

Here’s the technique: have someone that is neutral (not a parent or family member) take the dummy gently from the child’s mouth or hand and throw the dummy in the bin. Have that person turn to the child and say gently but firmly that “there are no more dummies. All the dummies are gone now”.

From then on, every time the child asks for the dummy tell them that “the man threw all the dummies away. There are no more dummies”.

The child is likely to continue to ask for the dummy for the next several days. For us, both boys asked for it for about 3 days afterwards. The tears lasted only about 1-2 days of that.

There’s no need to show them that every dummy is thrown in the bin. They’ll make the connection that all are gone on their own. Bedtime is also the hardest as this is when they’re most likely to look for the dummy. I made sure to get them to have lots of physical activity during the day so that they would be exhausted and fall asleep easier.

Make sure to tell friends and family to repeat the same message so that there’s consistency. I also found that using the family doctor was a good option as they are familiar but also somewhat of a mn authority figure so they’re more likely to take it seriously and listen.

Good luck, mamas!!! It’s a difficult couple of days but any removal technique will take a little time and this has worked first time for both of mine without too much protesting – I highly recommend it! 

2 thoughts on “Dummies Be Gone!

  1. It is almost a “rite of passage” …… quite symbolic in their progression to the next stage in their young lives. And both boys handled the transition so well. You have been very lucky.

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