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Everyday Mama – Vanessa

Meet Vanessa. Mummy blogger and current mum of one with a second baby due to arrive any minute now. The last 12 months have offered several challenges and new beginnings for this avid foodie and travel enthusiast. A pregnancy, change in career path, continuing the interior design of her house, balancing friendships, the hubs and having home cooked meals made from scratch on the table every night are all part of a day in the life of this fellow mummy blogger. Taking it all in her stride, we caught up to chat about how she does it all and manages to keep a smile on her face.

What are you looking forward to most about welcoming your second baby?

I’m really looking forward to Max having a little brother or sister (we’ve kept the gender a surprise). My husband and I are really looking forward to have another set of little feet running around the house and Max is already calling the baby his ‘friend’.

I actually loved that newborn baby phase with Max and I’m excited to do it all over again.

Is there anything that worries you about having another baby?

I’m having a planned caesarean so my biggest concern is about the six week recovery and how it will impact our daily family life. Not being able to pick up Max or play with him as I usually do will be a struggle.

Also, I am one of those people that really likes to be on top of my game so it will probably be a big adjustment for me in the sense that I won’t be able to do as much cooking or cleaning as I usually do. I have lined up an army of family members to help out for the weeks after I deliver the baby though, so that will most definitely help!

What do you expect having two LOs to be like?

I expect it to be a little bit of everything; difficult, crazy, fun and exhausting. Initially I think there will be an adjustment phase for the whole family; disrupted sleep patterns, learning what things soothe and upset our baby and a different routine. Once we have adjusted though, I know it will be wonderful; Max will eventually have someone else to play with. We will still go on our family adventures, and it will be sweet hearing our two children chat, play and laugh together. I think that it will be very fulfilling.

What would you tell your new mum self about motherhood 

I’d probably tell her not to be so anxious and that everything will work out fine. When I first brought Max home I worried about a lot of things, even silly things like my husband’s safety if he was running home late from work. I think as a first time Mum it’s normal to think about whether you’re doing the right things for your baby; there’s a lot of information out there and luckily I had a heap of experienced friends and family who helped me with little pieces of advice along the way.

Something that surprised you about motherhood

How much having Max seemed to strengthen my relationship with my husband. It solidified that we are truly on the same page and he was so supportive during all the little struggles we faced along the path of parenthood.

Your favourite Disney movie? 

The Little Mermaid. I went to watch it as a little girl with my best friend at the movies and I remember thinking how magical the movie was. Also, being a natural red head, I feel like I have something in common with Ariel 😊

Something your mum taught you

My Mum has the biggest heart out of anyone I know; she is kind, warm and patient and the ultimate motherly example. Growing up we were lucky enough to have her as a stay at home Mum and I remember her always keeping us busy with activities; art and craft, BBQ’s, cooking cakes with her, outdoor sports, bushwalking – you name it, we did it! I try and do the same with Max – keep him engaged and experiencing new things.

Best mum hack?

I never go back to doing something, I always do whatever it is on the spot. If something needs to be packed away or wiped down, I do it immediately without thinking “I’ll do that later”. The more you put things off, the longer things take as all the little tasks tally up.

Your favourite mummy memory?

It may sound cliché, but the moment my boy was born (after a very long labour!) I remember thinking, “it’s finally over… What a beautiful healthy boy I have. He has some healthy little rolls!” Then, I looked over at my husband and he was so happy and relieved that our baby was finally here and life just felt more complete.

The best advice you’ve ever been given?

Take each moment in life as it comes. It says a lot to me about living in the present moment; not in the past or living for what will be in the future.

Keep up with Vanessa and her little family on her blog or on Instagram @maxandmummy



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