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How to Bath a Toddler & a Newborn

IMG_2749A lot of concerns and worries filled my days when I was getting ready to welcome my second son – how will I give both boys adequate attention? How will Christian adjust? Am I capable of doing this all over again? Despite all the big questions, there was one task that most consumed my thoughts – “how the hell am I supposed to bath two kids at the same time!?!?”

I’m a believer in the benefits of bathing babies before their nighttime sleep so I wanted to continue this routine with my eldest and introduce it for my second. It seemed like an impossible feat however and I couldn’t figure out how it would be possible and whether there was ever going to be a safe process to be able to do so.

It may seem simple but when I was pregnant I researched a myriad of contraptions that supposedly helped the process but I couldn’t find any info that just stuck to the basics and simply broke it down step-by-step. Thankfully, I figured out a process that worked for us and my boys continue to be bathed and safe 🙂

  1. Get a play pen or something similar and place it in the bathroom or just at the door so it’s visible at all times. Place one child inside the play pen while you bath the other and alternate.
  2. Have a change pad ready to go but place it on the floor of the bathroom (place a towel under the change pad and make sure you have a protector over the pad so that it’s warm for baby). I found this better than having a change table as it catered to the ages of both children and there wasn’t the hazard of anyone rolling off.
  3. Have PJ’s, nappies, creams etc in the bathroom ready to go. Make a pile for each child that includes everything you’ll need to change them from top to bottom. Organisation is key.

As the children grew I moved the change pad outside of the bathroom as they couldn’t be trusted to stay still. I would still leave one child in the bouncy gym but I’d make sure I was right next to them. My kids are now 3.5 and almost 2 and I’ve only recently removed the bouncy gym from the bathroom. My younger child was that secure and happy in there that I’ve used this process solidly for almost 2 years.

The bath time process is only one of many, many things that will change for your family but hopefully this alleviates some of the stress that welcoming a newborn entails.

Lots of love,



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