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My Baby’s Puppy Party


Looking back over the past few years I’ve realised that our parties are a direct representation of how tired I’ve been.

Growing up in the events industry created a love for all things fun and party related yet for my first son’s christening I simply didn’t have the energy for any of it. Christian woke up constantly for the first 7+ months of his life and I struggled a lot. I was obvi overjoyed to celebrate his christening but visually, the event had the bare minimum because I simply couldn’t take on anymore.

Slowly, as the kids have grown and I get my mojo back, I can enjoy these times and do the things that I love and make me happy. I’ll happily stay up till midnight making a puppy wall for a simple party at home with the family because I know the kids won’t keep me awake all night the next day.

Kids are pretty much happy for their parties to start and end with cake but it was so great to see Sammy so excited by all the 🐶 and want to touch (and eat) everything. And for me, it was a symbol that we’ve made it through to the other side✌️

Scroll down for our party album and supplier details 🐶❤️💙💛



Strawberry Tower perfection
The gorgeous cake
Pup Pops
The kids table


Strawberry Tower perfection

Cousin love


Christian happily getting his shoe lace tied lol He loved all the attention and a full house


Birthday boy smashing into his cake


Puppy in the sun


There’s a Spidey on our roof


Fun at the end of a long day

Styling & puppy balloon wall by me 😊🐶💃
Strawberry towers & donuts (and so much love, support & patience): @doms.strawberries.delight
Cookies: @nadas_cookie_jar
Cake: @cakesbytania
Balloons & props: @celebratingevents
Macaroons: @onebitemacarons
Cookies & cupcakes: @cookiequeenkitschn
Poster design, stickers & chocolates: @edgehousedesign
Poster print: @jossignsbydesign



2 thoughts on “My Baby’s Puppy Party

  1. It all looked so wonderful … as usual!
    Kids loved it … grown ups loved it …. your boys will always look forward to – and remember their special birthdays.

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