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Christian’s Convoy 🎈

Our little racer turned 4 last week and chose to have a Lightning McQueen Cars themed birthday once again. That’s two years in a row but absolutely no surprise to this mama who currently lives in a house that more closely resembles a garage than a family home 🚘

We kept the invite list to our immediate family which was really nice and kept the focus on Christian which we all loved.

Christian was involved in all the party planning. He selected the cake design, cupcakes, cookies, loot bags and what was in them. Everything turned out just the way he wanted and I was especially happy that we kept it old school with pass-the-parcel, car and spoon races (get it??), water balloons and a Slip n Slide 💦

See below for some pics from the day and our supplier list. Yes, I went crazy on decor again but like I always say – I live to make things beautiful whether there’s 500 people or just 5.

Strawberry & Donut Towers: Dom’s Strawberries Delights

Cake & Cupcakes: Cakes by Tania

Cookies & Macaroons: Cookie Queen Kitchen

Balloons: Celebrating

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