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Our New Gallery Wall

I’d been meaning to get around to doing something with the wall behind our bed since we moved into our home 3 years ago 🙃 🏡 I’d gone back and forth with the idea of a few artworks but my vision from the beginning had been to create a design using photos of our kids.

Thankfully, we got the HP Envy printer which finally motivated me to do something 👯 We had a multifunction printer already but the HP Envy is far superior. I never would have had the patience to print so many photos on our old printer but the printing on the HP was suuuuper quick and easy (as was the setup!)

Mounting the frames on the wall was a whole other issue (measure/remeasure/measure/remeasure) 😠 I’ll definitely outsource this part of the project next time.

I love the look of the wall, the quality of the prints and the kids love seeing themselves up there.

Think everyone will be getting prints from us this Christmas😍🎄#printlovebyHP

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