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Sherlock Hide and Seek Puppy Toy Review

Christian and I were lucky enough to try out the Sherlock Hide and Seek Puppy this week. Sherlock turned out to be a welcome new addition to our family and we spent the best part of the afternoon playing with him!


The Concept

Sherlock adds another element to hide and seek. One person hides Sherlock and have the other has to find him. The fun surprise is that the person hiding Sherlock has a remote (shaped like a dog bone) that gives the “seeker” some clues as to Sherlock’s whereabouts. Sherlock will say cute things such as “come and find me!” and “you’re getting closer” to give hints (there are also a few cheeky little comments that he throws out there for more laughs).

Christian’s favourite game is hide and seek so he was extra excited to play with this toy.  We ran and ran and ran around the house searching for Sherlock and as a parent, I loved it for it’s ability to encourage my son to be active.  I love anything that encourages kids to be active and Sherlock will well and truly get kids up and about.

Recommended Ages

Christian is 4 and really got a lot out of the experience. Sammy is 2 and slept through the afternoon (we had a morning of water play so he was out for the count) but as soon as he woke-up we played again and he was just a bit mesmerised by Sherlock’s interactivity. I’d also say that older kids would enjoy Sherlock too.


The packaging is bright and beautiful and would be a great surprise under any Christmas tree. The dog-bone shaped design of the remote is really cute and Sherlock is a good looking dog!


For more info, a sample of how to play and a bit of a tour of our house see our Sherlock toy review here.


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