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Shibajuku Girls Toy Review

I recently gifted a Shibajuku Girl to my niece, Georgii. Georgii had been doing really well at ballet and is a real girly-girl so a Shibajuku seemed like the perfect reward.

The dolls are beautifully made with plenty of gorgeous little details like their realistic eyes and lashes and outfits that even the Harajuku would be proud to wear. I also love that they come with accessories that enable little girls to make their doll their own and wear on themselves too.

I really love to give gifts with meaning and I love the messaging that comes with the Shibajuku collection. Each doll in a series of five has their own name, personality and style. All push the envelope in terms of what is traditionally seen on dolls yet each one is their own individual. The messaging is that each one of us is unique and special in our own way and it’s OK to express our individuality – a great message for little ones!

You can see our toy review in full on YouTube here.


Georgii is dressed in Oscar de la Renta by Little Boutique House



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