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Preventing Eczema in Little Ones


I’ve been a fan of Mustela products for a long time and have used many items from their range on my boys since birth. Their newborn foam shampoo was particularly effective in the treatment of a severe case of cradle cap Christian had when he was a few weeks old.

Despite our familiarity with the brand, it wasn’t until I met with the Mustela team that I was made aware of their Stelatopia range and its effectiveness in the prevention of eczema.

That’s right – prevention.

As an eczema sufferer, hearing this was like the heavens were shining down upon me. An “a-ha” moment. My youngest, Samuel has sensitive skin and although he is too young to be officially diagnosed he has symptoms that suggest that he will have eczema. So, with this knowledge I knew I had to get more info and understand exactly how I could help to prevent Samuel from developing the uncomfortable symptoms that I still suffer with 30+ years on.


Research has shown that applying an emollient to children’s skin every day from birth decreased the risk of developing eczema by 33% to 50% (from Simpson 2014, and Horimukai, 2014). To do the study the researchers observed 2 groups of children with medical history of eczema and applied emollient to one group and not the other.


Mustela adopted this same methodology to test the preventive efficacy of the Stelatopia emollients.

They took two groups of 60 newborns with 2 parents with medical history of eczema (so high hereditary risk factor for the baby), one group used the Stelatopia program, the other didn’t. The results were incredible and even higher than what was proven in other, former studies that weren’t using Mustela products.


This effectiveness of the Stelatopia range is due to the 2 main natural patented ingredients found only in Stelatopia products:

  • Avocado Perseose which is present in all Mustela products to protect the fragility of babies’ skin by preserving its richness
  • And Sunflower Oil Distillate – another natural patented ingredient which has two key actions: bringing the lipids that are lacking in the eczema-prone skin (lipid replenishing properties) and providing relief to itchy skin thanks to its soothing properties.



I’ve been using the range on Sammy ever since learning of these studies. Now that I know that there is an option that may prevent him from getting the itchy, sometimes painful rashes that I still get, I have to. And as they say – when you know better you do better.

You can visit the Mustela site to find out more here and take the baby skin diagnosis to see what products may be best for your bub.


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