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Get Pumped – A Breastfeeding Story

I was lucky enough to breastfeed both my boys. I say lucky because once you’ve attempted to breastfeed you truly appreciate how difficult it can be and how a myriad of things have the potential to go wrong at any moment. The ups and downs of milk supply and latching, fussy babies and bleeding nipples all take a physical and emotional toll and can greatly affect those first few weeks of motherhood & newborn-life.

I was fortunate enough to have two babies that latched well and easily and having them feed those first few times is a memory I directly associate with the absolute beauty and wonder of nature and motherhood.

I love this image because it takes me back to that beautiful, wondrous newborn time. As tiring as it was it was also magical. My newborn bubble was full of the hopes and dreams I had for my babies and complete and utter love. My mantra was – ‘You’ll Climb Mountains, Kid’ as I imagined all the things they would do. I absolutely loved breastfeeding and got so much satisfaction out of knowing that I was giving my babies complete nourishment in its most pure form.

My milk supply after just a few short weeks with Sammy was a different story. It was apparent from about the 6-week mark that my milk wasn’t satiating him. I’d had a highly emotional breastfeeding journey with Christian. I was desperate to make it last as long as possible regardless of how much it exhausted and physically drained me. Christian was an eating machine from the day he was born and I was able to withstand his demands for quite a while until about the 4-month mark when friends and family started telling me it was enough. I was visibly haggard and completely depleted as I continued to attempt to keep up with his feeding demands. I was heartbroken and devastated by the idea of having to stop breastfeeding as I felt so strongly about the nourishing factors and emotional bonding.

It was at this point that I broke out the breast pump. I used the Medela Swing and it helped me to maintain my supply for several more months and also get some sleep back because up until that point, I’d still been waking many times a night to feed. Now, the hubs was able to take over those feeds so I could finally catch up on a little bit of shut eye while I maintained my supply.

I was much quicker to realise when I needed help with Sammy. The second time around is easier for a lot of reasons because you more or less know what things are meant to look and feel like so instead of waiting and deliberating when he wasn’t satisfied with my milk I immediately brought out the breast-pump. I would have loved to have gone 12 months but part of parenting is recognising when something needs to change and being flexible. I’m certain that without the breast-pump my milk would have dried up after those first few weeks. Instead, I was able to lengthen that time to several months and create even more beautiful memories of bonding with my babies for which I will be eternally grateful.

Medela’s products are made to support mums through their breastfeeding journey. You can learn more about the Medela Swing and other products by going to the link here:


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