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Hong Kong One Year On

It’s been a year since we visited Hong Kong as part of my Mum’s 60th birthday celebrations. Mum is such a sweet Grandma to my boys so it was no surprise that she chose to spend her birthday at Disneyland so that, in her words, she could “spend the day enjoying the boys first Disneyland experience”.

The trip was amazing and looking back one year later I’m so happy we did it. It was not without its hiccups – Sammy was at the peak of his terrible twos which made his incessant requests to be carried for pretty much the entire WHOLE TIME physically unbearable. But, as much as the difficulty of traveling with a two year old still stands out in my mind, it was so magical to go on such an adventure as a family.

I once read that your kids won’t remember all the books you read them but each one will leave an imprint on their heart. It’s the same with travel. They won’t remember all the details of this special trip but it’s stamped on their soul. Plus, as adults we’ll always have the memories and will cherish the many, many, many moments for years to come.


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